10 Steps To Becoming A Magician

1 What do people want to see?

Before you begin your journey it is important to consider what people want to see from a magician. Magic has recently become very popular in the public domain. As a magician myself I have benefitted from this as people have become very interested in magic, moreover in how it actually works. People have a certain expectation nowadays, but in reality flying through the air, or walking through a glass window may be something that remains good for television. Pure sleight of hand and skill which comes from practice and hard work will always get the thumbs up over tricks which are too good to believe.

2 Confidence and self belief

Magic is about sharing something special with others. It is a gift from the entertainer and one which needs to be executed in a confident and professional way. When you begin to learn magic it will be frustrating as it is not easy but over time, when things start to click you will begin to gain confidence and this will,show in your performances.

3 Learn to walk first

Unfortunately there is no shortcut to becoming a great magician. If you want to be good at it then you must put in the work. You need to start with the basics, these will be the building blocks for becoming a great magician. This means studying hard and being determined to work through the difficult times. There are moves that are difficult to learn but perseverance will get you through.

4 Involve the audience

Magic is not only about showing people that you have a lot of skill. In order to really share your talent you need to get the audience involved. From personal experience there is nothing better than the magic happening on the audience’s hands. If you chose to be a close up magician, then let the spectators shuffle the cards, handle the props – get them involved. As a wedding entertainer I ensure all the guests are involved. If you decide to be a stage magician the it is extremely important that you get people up on stage. This will add to the overall experience as perceived from the audience and the magic will reach greater heights.

5 Think outside the box

As you become more and more confident with your magic you will want to astonish your audience with bigger and better tricks. Of course you can reference books and DVDs that you have bought over your time studying but if you want to be unique you will need to come up with your own ideas. You will have the moves in your arsenal, now it will be time to sit down, reflect on what you know and come up with some of your own ideas

6 Practice some more

Magic is always evolving, new effects are always popping up and if you don’t keep up with the latest effects and trends then your magic will become outdated.

7 Join online communities

A great way to excel on your magic journey is to join online communities. There are forums where like minded people share ideas and help one another out. My number one recommendation is themagiccafe. On this site there are discussions about every type of magic imaginable, ranging from close up magic to grand stage illusions. It is important to build credibility on such websites however. It is frowned upon if you join the forums with the soul intention to exploit others to learn magic. It is about giving too.

8 Take an acting class

Many magicians find it useful to join drama and acting clubs to add to the theatrics of their performances. Moreover, attending such classes will help develop confidence and ultimately lead to a better performance.

9 Get family and friends to help you out

You will need criticism about your magic, it is the only way to improve. Perform magic for family and friends and ask them for their honest opinion. They will catch you out, they will perhaps doubt your expertise, but don’t let this discourage you. Use them to your advantage. When I started learning magic I took a deck of cards and some coins everywhere I went. I would perform and ask for their honest opinion. Based on the feedback I received I would then practice some more until I had a perfect handle on the trick.

10 Go forward with your magic

You are now hopefully confident in what you do, you can perform loads of tricks well and are ready to showcase your skills to the world. There is nothing stopping you now. You are ready for your first live performance. Offer to perform magic at a relatives christening or wedding for free. It will be invaluable for you. You will discover how your effects work on a live audience and this will give you feedback on your performance. Reflect upon your experiences and use them to your advantage. Eventually you will become more recognised and may even start to get some paid gigs. I perform now regularly as a wedding magician and birthday entertainer.

Congratulations you are now a professional magician!

I recommend that you begin with the following books:

Expert Card Technique

Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic

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